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I Can Make You SleepMcKenna, PaulBook616.8498 M15i1
I Can Mend your Broken HeartOvercome Emotional Pain at the End of A RelationshipMcKenna, PaulBook306.7 M155i
Instant ConfidenceThe Power to Go for Anything You WantMcKenna, PaulBook158.1 M155i1
I Can Make You ConfidentThe Power to Go for Anything You Want!McKenna, PaulBook Plus CD158.1 M155ic
I Can Make You SleepOvercome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of your LifeMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD616.8498 M15i
I Can Make You RichMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD332.024 M155i
Freedom From Emotional EatingMcKenna, PaulBook616.8526 M15f
Hypnotic Gastric BandMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD616.398 M15h
Change your Life in 7 DaysMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD158.1 M155c1
Quit Smoking TodayWithout Gaining WeightMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD616.865 M15q
I Can Make You HappyMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD152.42 M155i
I Can Make You ThinThe Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million PeopleMcKenna, PaulBook Plus CD613.25 M155i
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