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How A Radio Broadcast and The War of the Worlds Sparked the 1938 Invasion of America

Jarrow, Gail
Book, 2018

J791.4472 W25j

Blood and Germs

The Civil War Battle Against Wounds and Disease

Jarrow, Gail
Book, 2020

973.775 J37b

The Poison Eaters

Fighting Danger and Fraud in Our Food and Drugs

Jarrow, Gail
Book, 2019

J664.07 W67j

Bubonic Panic

When Plague Invaded America

Jarrow, Gail
Book, 2016

J616.923 J37b

Fatal Fever

Tracking Down Typhoid Mary

Jarrow, Gail
Book, 2015

J616.927 J37f

Red Madness

How A Medical Mystery Changed What We Eat

Jarrow, Gail
Book, 2014

J616.39 J37r

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