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MembershipCanadian Historical AssociationMagazine or JournalACQ
Historical PapersCanadian Historical AssociationMagazine or Journal971 C21
Newsletter - Canadian Historical AssociationBulletin - Societe Historique Du CanadaCanadian Historical AssociationMagazine or Journal971.006 C21n
Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada SeriesMagazine or Journal971.004 I33
Shaping the New WorldAfrican Slavery in the Americas, 1500-1888Nellis, Eric GuestBook326.9 N42s
The West Indians in CanadaWalker, James W. St. G.Book971.00496 W18w
Prairie Urban Development, 1870-1930Artibise, Alan F. J.Book971.2 A791p
Louis-Joseph Papineau, A Divided SoulOuellet, FernandBook971.038 P21o1
IntersectionsMagazine or Journal971.006 C21n
Redress Movements in CanadaGiesbrecht, JodiBook325.21 G45r
Deportation From CanadaMolinaro, Dennis G.Book325.71 M72d
Building Better Britains?Settler Societies Within the British Empire, 1783-1920Morgan, Cecilia LouiseBook909.0971241 M84b
Refugees in CanadaA Brief HistoryEpp, MarleneBook325.21 E64r
Receiving Canada's ImmigrantsThe Work of the State Before 1930Chilton, LisaBook325.10971 C538r
The AcadiansCaron, Caroline-IsabelleBook971.6 C29a
A History of Ethnic Enclaves in CanadaZucchi, JohnBook971.004 Z94h
Women and Their Work in Upper CanadaErrington, Elizabeth JaneBook331.4 E72w
Disease, Medicine and Society in CanadaA Historical OverviewBernier, JacquesBook610.971 B52d
The Canadian Historical AssociationA HistoryWright, Donald A.Book971.007 W94c
Ethnic Farm Culture in Western CanadaLoewen, RoydenBook971.004 L82e
Canada's Red Scare1945-1957MacKenzie, DavidBook971.063 M156c
Punishment, Imprisonment and Reform in Canada, From New France to the PresentCellard, AndréBook365.971 C39p
The Cambodians, Laotians and Vietnamese in CanadaDorais, Louis-JacquesBook971.004 D69c
The Hungarians in CanadaPatrias, CarmelaBook971.004 P314h
Afros, Aboriginals, and Amateur Sport in Pre World War One CanadaCosentino, FrankBook796.0899 C83a
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