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Digital Longhouse

DVD, 2014

793.319701 D57d


DVD, 2014


People of A Feather

DVD, 2014

970.419 P41h1

Heartspeak About Books With No Bounds

DVD, 2013

302.2244 H43m


Sxwexwxiy'am : the Story of Siwash Rock

DVD, 2013

398.2097011 L511h1

The Lesser Blessed

DVD, 2013


I Called Her Lootaas

DVD, 2013?

970.3 H14I1w

We Were Children

Nous N'étions Que Des Enfants

DVD, 2012

970.54 W36w

The Making of A Roy Henry Vickers Print

DVD, 2012

769.971 V63b

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

DVD, 2011


The Dream Catcher

A Beautiful and Ancient Ojibwe Story Teaching About How to Live With Mother Earth and to Respect Our Cherished Elders

DVD, 2011

398.209701 D77a

Survival, Strength, Sisterhood

[Power Of Women in the Downtown Eastside

DVD, 2011

305.409711 S96z

Shannen's Dream

Day of Action

DVD, 2011

370.117089 K82sa

The Drum Story

An Ancient Story of How A Young Girl Was Given the Gift of A Drum and How She Used That Gift to Help Her People Find Peace

DVD, 2011

398.209701 D79a


DVD, 2011

623.8207 D86a


To Give

DVD, 2011

970.3 K98P8c

Games of the North

[playing for Survival]

DVD, 2011

796.08997 G19s

Questions for Crazy Horse

Hypothetical Conversations With the Strange Warrior of the Ogalla Lakota

DVD, 2011

970.2 C91t

Cedar and Bamboo [videorecording]

DVD, 2010

971.1004 C38L

Martha qui vient du froid

DVD, 2010

970.2 F57L

Older Than America

DVD, 2010


The Edge of the World

BC's Early Years

DVD, 2010

971 E23p

Cry Rock

DVD, 2010

897.94 C95h

Two Indians Talking

DVD, 2010


Tetzan Biny

Disappearnace of Fish Lake. Parts 1 & 2

DVD, 2010

971.175 T34j

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