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Oct 20, 2012gloryb rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
What a story! All of the puzzle pieces fit so neatly! Expect to read a lot about handguns (a Persuader is the name of a gun) and about hand to hand moves to take out a person. I never knew that fist fighting could be so deadly. Here, Reacher is like the pink energizer bunny...he just keeps on going and stopping him in a fight. In this story, Reacher is able to get his revenge on someone from his past while helping federal agents release their kidnapped undercover agent held by this very same person. He does this by going undercover. He gets hired by the racketeers who are selling handguns on the black market to druggies, terrorists, etc. After much action, Reacher eventually puts them out of business. Sad to see how a family of a criminal can be affected by the father's actions/decisons.