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tcosco added a title to their For later shelf Sep 01 2016


Ross Poldark rides again in a swashbuckling new adaptation of the hit series that helped launch Masterpiece in the 1970s. Captain Poldark is a redcoat who returns to Cornwall after the American Revolution and finds that his fighting days are far...
tcosco added a title to their For later shelf Jul 06 2016
Samuel Langhorne Clemens, known by his loyal readership as Mark Twain, led a life as rich as his collection of published works. Over the span of a lifetime, his growth from a small-town Midwestern boy to a famed writer and lecturer was reflected...
tcosco made a comment Jul 05 2016
"This book is just a variation of the Atkins diet. I found it unconvincing because the author randomly mixes nutrition facts with dubious conclusions and half truths; like on p. 62 where the author states that kids in one experiment ate less cheese..." Permalink
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Jul 03 2016
"I preferred Angela's Ashes and found that my distaste for some of frank mccourt's adventures negatively affected how much i enjoyed this book (it hurts to see him makes some of the same mistakes, to a elsser extent, that his father made). but i st..." Permalink
tcosco moved a title to their For later shelf Jun 10 2016
The Shady Lady identifies best practices, best plants, and best information, specifically designed for the zones of the greater Northeast - and leaves out all the rest. Ziffer gives the reader a crash course in the essentials, demystifying shade...
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