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vpl_childrens made a comment Feb 15 2018
"Monique Gray Smith explores the topic of the residential school system, its impacts, and paths to allyship and reconciliation in this approachable book for all children. Smith grounds her work with context, but keeps interest with photos and illus..." Permalink
vpl_childrens created a list Feb 08 2018
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Lunar New Year: Recommended Books for Kids
"Celebrate Lunar New Year with some wonderful books!"
vpl_childrens created a list Jan 12 2018
Topic Guide
Talking to Kids About Equality, Race and Justice
"Headlines these days may have some parents thinking about how to talk to their young kids about equality, race and justice. These can be challenging topics on any given day for adults – but even more so when it comes to talking to kids. If you're ..."
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