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VPL Picks: Indigenous Queer and Two-Spirit Literature
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Queer: 'Queer’ can be used to refer to the spectrum of non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender people and provides convenient shorthand for ‘LGBTQ2S+' (QMUNITY) Two-Spirit (2-Spirit): A term used by many Indigenous communities on Turtle Island (typically known as Canada & the United States) to describe people with diverse gender identities, gender expressions, gender roles, and sexual orientations. Two-Spirit people have been and are viewed differently across Indigenous nations. Two-Spirit people were included and respected in most Indigenous communities, sometimes considered sacred and highly-revered. They often took on important roles as healers, mediators, and warriors. Not all people who are Indigenous and gender/sexually diverse will name themselves as Two-Spirit and this is their self-determination. Two-Spirit is something embodied exclusively by Indigenous people and is not to be taken on by non-Indigenous people (QMUNITY) Get started with these titles carefully selected by the reading specialists at Vancouver Public Library. If you would like a personalized reading list, please use the Books Just For You service at
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Awãasis Awãasis
Kinky and Dishevelled
Book - 2021
Brick Books
821 H16a
Day/break Day/break Book - 2020
Bookhug Press
c821 B45d
Disintegrate/dissociate Disintegrate/dissociate
Book - 2019
Arsenal Pulp Press
c821 T9744d
Fire Song Fire Song Book - 2018
Annick Press
Jonny Appleseed Jonny Appleseed
A Novel
Book - 2018
Arsenal Pulp Press
Love After the End Love After the End
An Anthology of Two-spirit & Indigiqueer Speculative Fiction
Book - 2020
Arsenal Pulp Press
Postcolonial Love Poem Postcolonial Love Poem Book - 2020
Graywolf Press
821 D542p
A History of My Brief Body A History of My Brief Body Book - 2020
Hamish Hamilton
c821 B427WB4h
It Was Never Going to Be Okay It Was Never Going to Be Okay Book - 2020
Nightwood Editions
821 S6136i
Kynship Kynship Book - 2005
Kegedonce Press
This Town Sleeps This Town Sleeps
A Novel
Book - 2020
Mamaskatch Mamaskatch
A Cree Coming of Age
Book - 2018
Douglas and McIntyre
305.897 M163m
Nîtisânak Nîtisânak Book - 2018
Metonymy Press
305.897 N73n
She Walks for Days Inside A Thousand Eyes She Walks for Days Inside A Thousand Eyes
A Two Spirit Story
Book - 2008
Turnstone Press
c821 P968s
Sovereign Erotics Sovereign Erotics
A Collection of Two-spirit Literature
Book - 2011
University of Arizona Press
820.8 S729d
Thunder Through My Veins Thunder Through My Veins
Memories of A Metis Childhood
Book - 1999
HarperFlamingo Canada
c821 S4211WS4t
This Wound Is A World This Wound Is A World
Book - 2017
Frontenac House Poetry
c821 B427t
You Are Enough You Are Enough
Love Poems for the End of the World
Book - 2018
Kegedonce Press
c821 S955y
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