Why is it I never seem to get it? I read the book —- tore through it in fact. It was brief. Not enough to keep you occupied for two or three days. To me it’s a kind of fairy tale. A sort of Hans Christian Anderson but with witches —- three of ‘me in fact. Cause this tale is set in New York, in the 1800s I’ll be it they can’t just make their living conjuring up toads and stirring up cauldrons of eye of new, no, they must make their living in more conventional ways of the times. Reading clients palms and such.
Like I said, I don’t think I get it. I think it’s a fairy tale kind of story with ravens that aren’t entirely ravens. And while is perceive some instances of darkness to this novelette I don’t get this stuff about women’s empowerment and other themes the big time reviewers find in this novel.
To me, it’s almost a story book you can read to children of a certain age before bed time.
P.S. All the while while I was reading “Half Sent” I could see the movie into which it could morph.
But read it for yourself. You be the judge.

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