Circe By Miller, Madeline Downloadable Audiobook - 2018 | Unabridged

Dazzling, absorbing, and brilliant.
I loved the narrator's tone in every sense. Possesses a curiously similiar vibe to the arch vulnerability of Humbert in Nabokov's "Lolita." Way cool.
I enjoyed being inside the female perspective, albeit divine witch nymph perspective, so sorry ladies...this is not any stripe of "feminism" that will teach me to behave better to mortal lady-persons. Rather, it reinforces the classic poetic mystery of life in the archetypal sense. She acknowledges that getting fucked (even by force) is the most natural and expected thing for a nymph. Consider her take on rape in the light of Camille Paglia. I loved this audiobook as well as the slight air of snobbishness that clouds it's superior literary sky.

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