I was very excited to get this book because it was a Goodreads recommendation. If you remember a news item in 2010 about an apartment in Paris that had been shut-up and untouched for 70 years and was being auctioned by Sothebys, that is the background for this book.
I forced myself through the first 75 pages, only continuing through the present day sections, which were stilted and flat, to get to the past sections about the history of the apartment and it's occupants.
The historical figures are real and fairly accurate. You can wiki most all of them to learn the truth, in itself a very interesting story and I recommend that you do after reading the book because it is not 100% correct (the genealogy at the end of the book is complete fiction).
I was disappointed in the present day story, a bit too 'harlequin romancey' for my tastes. This author has 2 more books out in this series, but frankly, I didn't find any of her characters interesting enough to want to read any more of her books.

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