'Need' has a wonderfully compelling premise, and the story itself captures the interest. The main character Kaylee is a troubled teen with family problems who doesn't know the whole story. Like anybody would do, she tries to force people to help her sick brother and ends up isolating herself from not only her friends, but her mother as well.

The difference between a want and a need is explored quite well, and it shows that people don't always think before they go for something they 'need.' Another theme explored is the internet and anonymity and the fact that what you do behind the safety of the computer screen can have devastating consequences.

The problem for me is the generic ending. Whereas the mystery is intriguing and the web of different characters and people weave together well in the narrative, the ending is not as good as I think the story deserved.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a good conspiracy and to those who enjoy mystery. Perhaps they can get more enjoyment out of the end of the book than I did. I don't regret reading it though.

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