Vampyr DVD - 2008 | German

To be totally honest - I didn't exactly hate 1932's "Vampyr" - But, with that said, it was definitely the sort of vampire movie that actually made the likes of 1972's "Blacula" look almost Oscar-worthy by comparison.

This was certainly one of those dismal horror pictures that was just too wacky and nonsensical to be taken seriously. But, due to it being a German production, the viewer was actually expected to sit there awestruck, believing that what they were viewing was, indeed, superior film-making.

Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough happening (action, drama, interesting situations) in Vampyr's story to hold this viewer's attention for more than just a few brief moments at a time.

Vampyr's weak storyline, literally, has its main character running around (all bug-eyed) in an old, country inn, encountering one forgettable character after another until the whole situation turns into a somewhat blurred (and decidedly silly) nightmare.

Derringer's rating:
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