Fires on the plain
Fires on the plain DVD - 2007 | Japanese | Special ed

"Fires on the Plain (野火)" is a 1959 Japanese war film directed by Kon Ichikawa(市川崑), starring Eiji Funakoshi(船越英二).
The screenplay, written by, Natto Wada(和田夏十: the director's wife), is based on the novel Nobi (published in 1951) by Shohei Ooka (大岡昇平), translated as "Fires on the Plain."
It initially received mixed reviews from both Japanese and international critics concerning its violence, cannibalism and bleak theme, but now this film is generally well regarded.
The DVD includes interviews with Donald Richie (a renowned Japanese-film historian), Micky Curtis (who plays as one of three main soldiers) as well as Kon Ichikawa.
Funakoshi didn't eat for two weeks to prepare for his role as a starving soldier and collapsed during the filming.
He was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital.
The director told him not to take it too seriously and said, "Play a starved soldier by way of acting, not by really being starved."

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