Seasons One & Two

DVD - 2015
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Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his staff work to solve mysteries in the Shetland Islands.
Publisher: [United States] : BBC Worldwide Americas, [2015]
Branch Call Number: TV SHE
Language Note: In English with optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired (SDH)
Characteristics: 3 videodiscs (approximately 454 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in


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Feb 24, 2020

Terrific actors; wonderful characters. Scenic shots are fabulous. The Scottish cultures are so very interesting. In the Season Two series, it was hard to keep track of who was guilty of what. A lot of suspects.

LPL_SarahM Oct 17, 2019

Captivating crime drama with gorgeous scenery. Perfect for fans of Broadchurch!

Sep 02, 2019

First rate murder mystery. A must watch for all who enjoy this genre TV show.

Aug 29, 2019

I cannot say enough about this series. It's simply brilliant! Complex, well-written, excellent acting. The whole series keeps up the quality. A true detective gem, and I'm very sad it's finished after 4 seasons.

Jul 17, 2019

I agree with what most of you said: the TV series is engaging, but there are major deviations from the series of 7 books. Closed captioning is needed and used, at least by me. I preferred the books, but my husband and I are enjoying these DVDs. I am glad that our library system has these, and I hope that we continue to get the new season.

Apr 02, 2019

limited difficulty with some accents

Jan 23, 2019

I've enjoyed the original Cleeves books on which these were based; I've also enjoyed the series. What has annoyed me is all the changes they've made - changes in character (Cassie is a young child in the books and Fran is a real physical presence in many of them but she's already dead and we never even see her in the tv series). Characters are added and some eliminated; genders are changed to "invent" new sub-plots that aren't even in the books. The murderer in one of the books is changed entirely in the tv adaptation. I actually prefer the later tv series that aren't based on any of Cleeves's books at all and are completely original creations using some of her characters. They may be darker and more violent but at least they're not deviating entirely from the stories to the point where I'm going "who the heck is THAT? That character doesn't exist in the book!"

Oct 09, 2018

Excellent series. The people are interesting, the crimes are just slightly more interesting than the standard TV fare, and the accents so think I had to use the closed captions. Beautiful scenery that makes us understand that love of the land is often as much a reason to commit a crime as lust for a person. The island is as much a character in the series as is the detective who has come home to heal.

Aug 23, 2017

Four sets of two-part murder mysteries, set on the Shetland Islands, northeast of Great Britain. The actors have accents in various degrees, so it is helpful to have on the subtitling.
The rural locations, the beautiful scenery, the island characters - they all cobine to set the stories exotically. Of course, the trick is to keep the viewer attentive to clues so that there is enjoyment of the hunt to unveil the murderer. First one, then another, then a third person is seen to be the killer, but who is it? It all comes out in the last act. While suspicions are raised by misdirection, the clues eventually lead to the real murderer. Enjoy.

Jun 01, 2017

This is a well-made, well-acted BBC series of classic murder mysteries in a beautiful, singular setting suffused with the light of the North Sea and the atmosphere of its craggy landscape. The Shetland Islands' population is small, the suspects are limited, and everyone knows the business of everyone else; in one story the murder takes place on Fair Isle with a population under 80. Each two hour mystery unfolds slowly, but never dully, as the detective inspector and his multi-functional team of two piece together the clues and relationships that drive someone to murder. The Shetland Islands reminded me of Newfoundland: a rocky, northern, isolated, maritime land with a limited economy based on the sea, dealing with recent prosperity and problems brought by the oil and gas industry. Subtitles were essential!

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Aug 10, 2016

She wasn't an easy woman. She could start an argument in an empty room. But she was my mother.
Perez isn't a Shetland name.
-No. They say they came over with a shipwreck from the Armada. And a Spanish sailor
fell in love with a girl from Fair Isle.
-You don't look very Spanish.
Morning, Craig. Anything?
-Robert Eunson's in the cells. Drunk in the Market Square at three this morning singing King Of The Road. You'd think he'd have found another song by now.
I thought I was off-duty.
-We're never off-duty here. Have you still not got that yet?
Here he is, my favourite godson!
-I'm your only godson!

Aug 10, 2016

First, we have to eliminate family members from our inquiries. Now, just so that I understand this, you and Joseph's late wife were cousins, am I right?
-Aye, but we're all connected in one way or another on Shetland, aren't we? One big happy family.

Nobody wants to think that a Shetlander did this, Mr. Haldane, but the fact is, nine times out of ten, victims know their killers.
Mum was right, cooking is all about timing, and you don't have any.
-It'll be ready in two minutes.
It's only pasta, the place looks like a bomb's hit it.
-One minute.
I don't know why you don't just let me cook.
-Cos I like cooking.
Well, that may be, but you're rubbish at it.
You know your problem? You think it's perfect here and you want to protect it
at all costs. And a wee bit more sunshine and you'd turn it into Benidorm?
-I wish. No, I just think most people here don't lock their doors and I'd like it to stay that way

Aug 10, 2016

He worked on the Shetland Bus during the war.
-Is that right?
Local boats were used to... transport saboteurs into Norway under the noses of the Germans. Across the North Sea in the dead of winter.

Between 1940 and '45, they took spies, supplies, and large sums of money across to Norway. Sometimes they'd bring back refugees. To take the Shetland Bus became a synonym for escaping the Nazis.
I was rubbish at history. I mean, King James VI and King James I were the same person? That's just confusing. Having said that, Rocky II and Rocky IV are the same film.
Jimmy, you've got to stop seeing the world through the eyes of the job.
Whenever someone dies, and especially in circumstances like this, there's always rumours about what may or may not have happened. And they don't help. Cos all they do is make people scared.
Whar's du fae?
-I'm fae Fair Isle. Originally.
What will the neighbours say? Two male visitors in one night. Practically a knocking shop.

Aug 10, 2016

You know... people say "friend" like that means it's simple. But it's not... it's really complicated being close. Why would you hurt someone who didn't matter? … She knew my life... how crap everything is. She was so confident, she could have anything she wanted. And she couldn't even leave me the crumbs.
500 tankers a year used to take crude out of here. At Sullom Voe it was more. Today, it's about 150. It's only a matter of time before it runs out. Which makes the new pipeline even more important?
We need as much gas as we can get, like we needed the oil. I remember you couldn't get work here for love nor money.
What is your problem?
-My problem is whether or not you're ready to go away for a weekend on your own.
Not on my own. With my friends. You know what I mean. Dad, I'll be going to university soon. Deal with it. Or are you going to close down the ferries and the airport and make sure I never leave?

Aug 10, 2016

It's just that you know every inch of these islands, people trust you. So... if you have to leave, it's going to make my job twice as difficult...
Why should we believe that?
-Because I've got nothing left to lose. Everyone I ever loved has gone.
I've never raised my hand to her.
-You didn't have to, did you? What you did was much worse. You tried to control every single thought she had.
I was glad when he had his accident, I won't lie, but I had nothing to do with it.
"Blood toucheth blood"?
-It's according to the King James Bible: by lying, killing and committing adultery,
bloodshed follows bloodshed.
"Blood toucheth blood." Blood, as in family as in brother.
I loved my brother. I always will. I just loved this land more.

Aug 10, 2016

How many times have you and your wife wished each other a happy anniversary today?
-Haven't you heard? Absence makes the heart grow fond of texting.
You're like a pair of Canada Geese.
-To you, my sad, unpaired friend.
Unpaired I may be. Sad about it? No.
There hasn't been an unlawful killing on Fair Isle for 70 years. And even that was caused by the Luftwaffe.
He's a connected man, your dad.

-Yeah, well, I suppose when you live on an island with 70 people …

In our field, we don't resent those who are cleverer or more insightful than us. We applaud it, we're grateful for it. Cos in the end, it moves us all forward.
He maintains he didn't kill her. Although, you know "I didn't" can turn into "I didn't mean to". But then, it's possible he's telling the truth about that and lying about why he...
-The memory card, that one that you're holding in your left hand. You can stand there looking glaikit all day if you want, I don't mind, or you can give me the card.

Aug 10, 2016

I can't imagine! Why would a beautiful woman, married to an older man, want to get away from the prying eyes of Fair Isle to spend an afternoon alone with an attractive student? If that was the case, they could just have slipped behind the bike sheds.
-Why go all the way to the main island?
You think?
If she was the last Icterine Warbler on Earth, this number of pictures would be excessive... Uh-huh.
"On the bubble" refers to a patient balanced on the threshold between life and death.
-Why "bubble"?
Apparently, it relates to the Indy 500 race in America. If a driver was only just about to qualify for the race proper, and a rival posted a better time, then the first driver's dreams are dashed and his bubble is burst.
The...the affairs. I hated it. I hated it. But I learned to live with it.
Some people look at all this terrible beauty and they see the hand of God in it.
But where was God when my xyzxyz died? Where was God then?

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