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Sep 23, 2020

I enjoyed this movie. At almost 2 hours long, it went very quickly. I was amazed that Charlize Theron was made to appear so very much like Megan Kelly; from some camera angles I thought I was seeing Kelly. Most of the movie revolved around her character. I guess so little was around Nicole Kidman's catalyst character Gretchan Carlson because Carlson must have some NDA for her $20 million lawsuit. John Lithgow's Roger Ailes was very believable. Allison Janney also did a spot on representation in her short screen time of his attorney Susan Estrich. Seems to me a very authentic portrayal of an industry roiling with competition where every tactic is employed to succeed at any cost.

Sep 09, 2020

Really good movie about Fox News and Roger Ailes. The cast is great, the ladies put in tremendous effort. I think this is a good watch!

Sep 08, 2020

Pretty good-well acted. I was particularly impressed with John Lithgow’s performance. I thought the movie down played the seriousness of the situation and made some ofthe women seem shallow. Probably a real documentary would be better if you are looking to understand the true story.

Sep 05, 2020

Great story how a woman took on the powers at Fox for sexual harassment and won!! For once they had to acknowledge the truth. Kristi & Abby Tabby

Aug 29, 2020

This is an irredeemably bad movie made for the ME TOO crowd and the hate FOX liberals.
But it doesn't even do a good job of pandering to those. Cliched and derivative portrayal of aggressive, do-anything-to-advance women. Don't waste your time. This is a stinker and demeans people who watch it.

Aug 19, 2020

WOW! A real block buster. Special features quite long , but interesting , especially the prosthetic s. May have to watch it again. Lithgow was fantastic as Roger. I recall all this drama that unfolded years ago.

Aug 09, 2020

This might be THE "#MeToo" movie of all time.

Based on the infamous case of Roger Ailes, Fox News Chairman and CEO and political insider (Nixon, Reagan, Bush Trump) (played in fascinating fashion by John Lithgow,) the movie stars three respected actresses as FOX personalities/newscasters whose lives and careers were threatened--like those of others--by a sexual predator in the corner office. But it's not Ailes offences that drive the movie. It's the women's reactions.

As Meagan Kelly, Charlize Theron--a fascinating film chameleon much like Johnny Depp--acts as the movie's centrepiece, but it's her lower-ranking colleague Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) who takes the real risk by quitting and accusing Ailes, hoping others will come forward and do the same. At first, they do not. This is pretty predictable stuff.

However, the performance--and the role--that "steals the show" is Margot Robbie's turn as new, young hopeful, Kayla Pospisil. It's easy to see her as the innocent victim--until her scene with Theron, who is clearly her mentor. That scene--and Kayla's final exit--are key moments and give the movie an unexpected punch.

Aug 07, 2020

Excellent story. Sad but true and probably so many, many others. Worth watching for certain.

Aug 05, 2020

Well done, compelling semi fictionalized of the story surrounding Roger Ailes, a very powerful media mogul.

Jul 26, 2020

I want to see the documentary that has come out recently on this story, but I have to say I found this version (part fact , such as the Megan and Gretchen harassment suit, and part fiction such as the composite character Margo Robbie plays) very compelling. A stellar cast and a rat-a-tat pace make for a movie that grabs you and keeps your attention. Although the specific situation of sexual harassment in a television empire may not reflect the majority of women's experiences, I'd bet there is a lot here that will ring true for many. The put-downs, innuendoes, and power plays are all too familiar. The three main actresses are wonderful and John Lithgow plays Ailes as both pitiable and monstrous.

Jul 26, 2020

I think the film made light of the situation. I found the portrayal of the women trivialized the nature of their abuse. Unlike the movie ‘Spotlight’ the movie wasn’t engaging, and I was made to feel little sympathy for the survivors of the sexual harassment. The root of the movie should be about the abuse of power, instead it was about women striving for their careers at the cost of their humanity. As attitudes change towards workplace harassment this movie will prove to be an anachronistic embarrassment for all the participants.

lotuslori_8 Jul 21, 2020

After watching the seven-part television series The Loudest Voice, which was great, I wasn't impressed with the way the story was presented in this movie.

Jun 13, 2020

Great perspective on behind the scenes sexual harassment by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes and the women who took him down.

May 26, 2020


Mar 26, 2020

Good movie with a star-studded cast. And stellar performances by Charlize T., Nicole K., & Margot R. John Lithgow is unrecognizable and plays the role of Roger Ailes to a T. This is a film that is vital in today's society, showing how women are objectified. And strikes a chord in the #MeToo movement. I do have to agree with others though, there was a lot to cover in a limited amount of time & it did jump from each character's story. Even though they were all connected, to being sexually assaulted. But, it also showed what really goes on behind the scenes at a huge conglomerate of Fox News. I liked the scene where Megyn Kelly's character is contemplating coming forward too, while she's driving in the rain, in construction. And the sign says, 'Stay in Lane'. I thought there was symbolism there. Since so many women over the years had stayed in their lane and not come forward or made allegations. And now it was her turn to decide if she would too.

JCLHeatherM Mar 24, 2020

There is a great deal to unpack in this film, mostly because the film itself is under two hours and contains dozens of newscasters, employees at Fox, News and people connected to people who work at Fox News. I wound up watching the film a few times just to get snippets of all of the players (some who have very little camera time). That being said, a project of this scope may have worked better as a miniseries ala Showtime’s 'The Loudest Voice', where it could have been a 6-8 hour project that further develops its players (the three core: Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and the fictitious Kayla who is a composite of actual women who worked at Fox News) and the periphery characters.

Mar 24, 2020

I was expecting this to be way different then it was. I'm glad for the outcome but I did not find this film that compelling.

Feb 29, 2020

This DVD is listed as ON ORDER and over 100 holds exist. However, when I try to place a hold, I get the message, "Cancelled orders are unavailable for request.". Regardless of what the correct status is, it should be consistent, right?

JCLBrittanyC Feb 27, 2020

This film covers the lawsuit that was filed against Fox News founder Roger Ailes for
sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson. I found importance in this film being
made, but I also felt like too much attention was directed to areas it didn’t need to
be. The film is broken into three different storylines: Gretchen Carlson, Megyn
Kelly, and a young new hire. Again, all were stories that needed to be heard, but so
much of the film is focused on Megyn Kelly and her hardships, outside of the sexual
harassment. Overall, I did think the film was lacking a little in the strength of all the
storylines, nonetheless I think it was a story that needed to be told. If you looking to
get fired up about women rights, then I mean you have to give it a try!

Feb 12, 2020

It was kind of difficult for me to feel to feel sorry for people who are paid to lie for a living.

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