Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Audiobook CD - 2015
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Sep 04, 2019

I think this book was a great modern coming out story. When I say "modern" it's because, Simon the main character befriends an anonymous boy named "Blue.," that he found via Tumblr. The two boys quickly strike up a friendship through email, because they are both dealing with the dilemma of "coming out." Through the course of their emails the two boys begin to fall in love. Which I think is really modern, since people tend to meet online more and more these days. Although the two boys have never met face to face they quickly fall in love and it was really interesting to watch that unfold in this modern day love story. This is also a great LGBT read if you want to save this book for Pride month.

sjpl_rebekah Aug 26, 2019

This love story is adorable. Simon is adorable. Everything about this book is adorable.

In all seriousness though, this is an excellent coming-of-age/teen romance. It’s angsty and endearing and you just want to reach through the pages and give Simon a big hug. It is hard for me to relate directly to his experiences coming out to his family and friends, but many of Simon’s struggles to accept himself are universal. The supporting characters in this story are, for the most part, also very likable. Simon’s friends and family are so accepting of who he is, that at first it seemed silly to me that he is so reluctant to come out to them. As the story progresses, however, I really got a better grasp of how scary this step is to a teen, regardless of whether or not they have a strong support network.

I enjoyed this story in audiobook format. I have listened to other audiobooks performed by Michael Crouch, and his voice is very well suited to books told from the perspective of a teenage boy. It’s a very generic “young man” voice, and his even cadence makes his performances very easy to listen to.

After reading this book, I was very excited to rent the movie adaptation Love, Simon. My expectations for book-turned-movie adaptations are always low, but the movie was extremely well cast, and they captured the feel of the book very well. This can be difficult to do, especially when so much of the book is introspective.

Both the book and the film were very heart-warming, and I highly recommend both to fans of this genre.

sarahbru17 Aug 14, 2019

Writing: 10/10
Characters: 8/10
Plot: 8/10
I blitzed through this book in just over a day--it was fun, fast, and engaging. Recommend for anyone who wants a lighthearted read that provides some good insights into the mindset of a gay teen.

Aug 10, 2019

So I'm a sucker for a funny romance novel. Guess what this is. It's got humor, it's got cutesy romance and all the gay teenager drama and angst you could ask for. Albertalli gives a very lively and full story about a gay teenager in the mid-west desperately trying to find love and not get outted. The plot is a bit stereotypical, classic romance, but is still a fun and easy read, great if you have an afternoon to just curl up with a book 10/10 recommend.

Jul 08, 2019

The one thing, other than the overall book, that I love about this story is that the foundation is laid ahead of time for who Blue turns out to be. It isnt something completely out of left field that leaves the reader/audience confused, instead little clues are laid throughout the chapters that point at who Blue is. Just this idea alone is something that storytellers forget to do sometimes instead just trying to go for the shock factor. It was extremely refreshing.

JCLPiepieB Jun 26, 2019

Very cute and quick read! I'm a sucker for "online romances," and the identity of Blue kept me guessing! I loved the portrayal of Simon, his friends, and his family. I'm excited to watch the movie now and who knows, I might read the next one in this series.

May 18, 2019


Gr33nbird May 15, 2019

An adorable and quirky coming-of-age tale. Albertalli writes amazing characters with whom I always want to hang out.

Apr 03, 2019

Charming and poignant. Now, on to the movie to see how they ruin the book.

JCLMeganK Feb 22, 2019

This story follows the story of Simon, a sixteen year old that is working through how to come out to his friends and family. Simon has an anonymous pen pal, Blue, that he knows also goes to Creekwood High School. They discuss the process of coming out, as well as maneuvering the everyday life as high school students. I really loved this book not only because it explores Simon and Blue's experiences with coming out, but also because it examines his relationships with his friends and family. I highly recommend this book, and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series- Leah on the Offbeat. I am so excited for other people to read or listen to this book, and hope it positively impacts readers for years to come.

Feb 05, 2019

This is such a good book! I cant wait to watch the movie!

Jan 22, 2019

This book is AMAZING! i felt so sad as i finished it. I read this out loud with my friends and we were all shrieking in joy (if that even makes sense. I guess you can say we were fangirling) at some certain parts of the book. Now my friends and i just want to watch the movie, but i suggest you read the book first. :)

Jan 11, 2019

I LOVE this book. Th characters are so diverse, relateable, and genuine. I love the character of Simon and his narrative voice, as well as the complexities of his struggles. He feels loved and accepted by his friends and parents, but like he still isn't completely free to be himself around them. He feels frustrated and angry with one of his classmates (who is blackmailing him) but at times he feels friendly towards, even fond of, that classmate. This kind of struggle between two opposing emotions carries out through the text and I think just really authentically captures the experience of being human (and being a teenager in particular).

Jan 09, 2019

I enjoyed this book a lot. I feel that it gives an accurate telling of modern school life for teens.

Dec 20, 2018

I really enjoyed this! It was short and fun. It is a modern-day romance. It brings to light all the insecurities you feel in a new relationship. It is lighthearted and cute.

Sep 27, 2018

Loved it. Now I want to watch the movie, "Love, Simon".

Sep 06, 2018

4 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy contemporary YA, and are looking for diversity within the genre.

This book follows Simon, he's sixteen, and he's gay. But he's not "out" yet. He spends a lot of time emailing his mysterious friend "Blue" another gay guy at his high school, they have formed a very tight bond. The catch is, they don't know each other's real identities. When a conniving classmate see's Simon and Blue's emails, and learns his secret, he blackmails him. Simon must navigate his teenage feelings, his complicated friendships, the upcoming musical at his high school, online email "dating" Blue, and blackmail all at once.

I thought that this was a really sweet yet important YA book. I love seeing that this novel is so popular as it gives a bit of representation within the genre. Though it is not an "own voices" novel, I did think that the book was really well written. Unlike some of my other recent reads that included letters, emails, etc. I loved that this story was told partly in narrative, and partly via emails between Simon and Blue. Anyhow, I liked Simon quite a bit, I loved his emails with Blue, and I thought it was really sweet and fun. I was dying to find out who Blue was, and I guessed it closer to the end of the book. I didn't completely feel like I understood Simon's character, but it was close. He's in a rough situation, so I can see why he kind of overlooks things going on with his friends and family... also, I mean, he's a teen. :P I'm excited that this has been made into a movie (Love, Simon), and I can't wait to watch it soon! :)

Aug 27, 2018

Honestly, I thought this book was incredibly overrated. Simon is a jerk to Leah, Abby is annoying and trite, Martin's reasons for doing what he does are kind of bland... and the narration annoyed me. How is it that a drama club kid has such a limited vocabulary?

RDPL_Teens Jul 16, 2018

An introspective first person narrative about coming out and the intricacies of relationships, romantic and otherwise...I'm reading the second book right now (Leah on the Offbeat) and it so far is just as enjoyable.

Chapel_Hill_KrystalB Jun 17, 2018

Ehhh. I liked this one okaaay. I mean... it's a solid story with interesting, well-developed characters. But it reads like so much realistic YA fiction with all its sarcasm and wittiness that it doesn't feel new to me at all. With that being said, I'm an adult and I know teens love it, so honestly, take this review with a grain of salt.

May 30, 2018

I adored this audiobook - enough to stay up until four a.m finishing it, on the same day I checked it out. It's engaging, emotional, and accurately portrays all the awkwardness and heartbreak of life as a closeted LGBT teen. The romance between Blue and Simon had me giddy for hours after I finished this book, and I loved the not-quite-mystery of figuring out who Blue was. The performer did a wonderful job portraying the personalities of each character, specifically the narrator, Simon. If you're looking for an uplifting slice of life story with queer representation and insight into the lives of teens, this book is for you.

Becky Albertalli's books "Leah On the Off Beat" and "The Upside of Unrequited" follow the characters in this story as well.

May 28, 2018

Very quick light read. I fully understand why it won all the awards. The characters feel real and diversity (racial, religious and sexual orientation) is frequently mentioned in a throwaway fashion because it just isn't a big deal - with the obvious exception of the threat to "out" Simon. (Even in that case, he's more concerned about the impact on others than on himself.) They're also fully believable as high school students.

The back-and-forth between chapters of emails and chapters of narration keep things moving quickly. I read it in one day.

May 24, 2018

This story was absolutely fantastic. From the lovable characters and their dialog to the incredibly worded plot twist, this story is one to read for any person regardless of sexuality. Becky Albertalli is outstanding and her work needs to be well recognized.

DBRL_KrisA May 07, 2018

I need more of this kind of story in my life. I really liked most of it, and loved the rest. Most of the characters aren't really fleshed out a lot, which made the big reveal not quite as exciting as it could have been, but the story, and especially the love story, were really sweet. I really wish I could have had this kind of a romance in high school, and I think a lot of readers, male or female, gay or straight, will enjoy that aspect of the story - the shy awkwardness, the stolen kisses, the inability to even remotely believe this is happening to you!!! Ahem.

I really think this would be a fun book for any teen or adult to read. There is some discussion of sex - not sexuality, as in gay or straight, but sex, as in sex - which may make this a little too mature for younger readers; parents may want to read it first. (Which, I mean, you should read it anyhow, because it really is a good book!)

Mar 25, 2018

So many kinds of terrific I hardly know where to start. I will say I wish this book (and sympathetic and observant family therapists like author Becky Albertalli) had been around when I was Simon's age. To say it would have helped me and certain others of my peers struggling with The Secret is a ginormous understatement.

I liked Simon right away. And liked that Blue, the e-object of his growing affection, turned out to be someone he absolutely did not expect; it felt quite right that sweet, perceptive Blue was more or less right there in front of Simon all along.

Also I loved Simon's family and friends, especially outgoing newcomer Abby and moody, mercurial Leah, Simon's best friend. Leah was particularly intriguing, and as the story progressed I worried about her, too.

Finally, I thought Albertalli's deft handling of Martin hit just the right notes--what he did was cruel and stupid with potentially very serious consequences. Yet he isn't evil, and Albetalli helps us understand him without letting him off the hook.

I look forward to the movie yet I love the book so much I'm almost afraid to see it. Book to film translations don't always work even when everyone has the best of intentions; I'm crossing my fingers "Love, Simon" has made it to the screen with all the wit, warmth and sensitivity of its source material.

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